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Birthdate:Feb 23
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Book Corner (my collab book blog)
I'm short (barely over 5 feet tall). I'm Chinese American. I'm single and unattached. I have a BA in Economics and Accounting for some reason. I tend to get kind of over-dramatic, and I'm more than likely going to blabber on and on about how lousy I feel personally so be warned! I post sporadically now so don't be disappointed you don't here from me periodically. -> Most thorough archive of my fanfics. -> The other blog I use, except there's music playing in the background. Fun! ->my political oriented blog. -> the Blog of my Project -> my audio blog podcast!

Only LJ users can comment. If you want me to friend you, you need to leave a comment and give me a reason why I should friend you back. As you can clearly see, I have LOTS of LJ friends already so it's kind of hard for my to catch up with everyone. Failure to follow the most basic instruction will mean I will ignore you.

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